About us

With more than 13 years offering hacking services to the general public in an uninterrupted way, Golden Group today has the pride of being the oldest hacker group in the world that is still active.

Why hire a hacker?

If you had a health problem, you would go with a doctor.
If you needed legal advice, you would go with a lawyer.
If you wanted to build a house, you would look for an architect.

Hacking is a profession that must be studied, practiced, and never stop acquiring new knowledge. A hacker is, above all, a professional.

Hollywood movies are fiction. A hacker is not what TV or movies show. It is something much more complex, not something you can learn in 1 day or 1 year.

If you need to perform a hacking task, then you must hire a hacker, because he is the person who has the necessary knowledge and tools to carry out anything you want in an efficient and discreet way.

Many people who come to us, have searched the Internet and tried to hack on their own, and in many cases they feel bad by not being able to do so.
You should not feel bad by this. You will surely have a profession or are studying to have one, but you are not a hacker, so you probably can't hack anything, just as we can't neither build a house, nor be a defense in a trial, nor carry out a surgery, since we are not neither doctors, nor lawyers, nor architects. We are hackers.

Who are we?

We are a group of people just like any other. We could even have walked down the same street without knowing each other.
The difference is that at some stage of our lives, we felt curious about the art of hacking.

Our group is fully made up by professionals born prior to the 90s. People who have grown up watching the world evolve and become the 'knowledge society' where we all currently live. People who have seen technology advance, and who began to learn when it was still premature.

Nowadays, we continue our learning process, and share our knowledge among the members of our group, turning our hobby profitable through hacking services offered through this website. The dreams of many people is to work in something they really love, and we have achieved it.

Why trust Golden Group?

We know that trust is something that must be earned, and that is why we must give reasons so that all people who hire us feel comfortable. To achieve this, we rely on 3 pillars that are the basis of our operation:

  • Proofs - You will not pay anything in advance. We will give you a proof in first place to guarantee our work and certify that we are real, and the payment should be made only after having received this proof.
  • Transparency - With us there are no small letters or hidden paragraphs. All our services are published openly on this website. All information about any service, its operation step by step, and all our policies are available to be read by anyone and at any time. All our customers know everything beforehand, and based on this, they will decide freely whether they want to hire us or not.
  • Platform - We are the only hackers in the world who have such a complex platform. You will not find anyone else who has a website like this, hosted on private servers, with their own and exclusive design and development, with proofs like the ones we offer, 24-hour support in multiple languages, and an online platform through which you can manage an order in its entirety. We are unique.

What make us different from the others?

In the previous paragraph, we have explained our 3 pillars: Proofs, Transparency, and Platform. Currently there is no one besides us who offers all this together.

If you search the internet, you will find a large number of "suspicious" people confidence who offer similar services to ours. And we say "suspicious" people because they usually ask for money in advance, without offering any kind of guarantee or proof. They don't have any presence in networks, they do not offer seriousness or transparency but simply vain promises.

As you can see, the differences are huge. It is up to you to decide on whom you place your trust and expectations.