Academic Hacking

Attention Below we explain how our service works. Read everything carefully and contact with us in case of any doubt, or if you do not understand some specific point, or in case you wish to hire this hacking service.

Rules and Procedures

Point N. 1

This service has a base price of 200 US Dollars. This is the price we charge you for attacking and invading your university's database and system.

In addition to the base price, you must also pay for what you want to do. Below we show you a list of all the things we can do and their respective price:

» Change grades: This is for subjects that you have totally or partially completed and where you currently have a grade, and what you want to do is to change this grade for a different one. The price for this will be 10 US Dollars per subject.

» Scheduled grades change: If you are currently studying a subject or will study it in the future, and still do not have any grade, but you want to ensure a minimum grade, you can schedule a change in the future. We will leave the change hidden in the system to be executed automatically once said grade is added. The change will only be made if you got a lower grade. If you get a higher grade than the one programmed, nothing will be changed. The price of this will be 25 US Dollars per subject.

» Add a subject: If you want to add in your academic record a subject that you didn't do but you want it to appear as if it has been done and approved, it will cost 50 US Dollars per subject to be added.

» Remove a subject: If there is a subject that you have already done and even has a grade, but you want to remove it as if it had never been done, the price will be 25 US Dollars per subject to be removed.

» Remove debts: If you have a debt with your university and you want to mark it as if it had been paid, we can do it for a value of 100 US Dollars. This is a fixed price, regardless of the value of the debt.

» Something else: If you want to do something different from the above, ask us.

▌Example: As an example, if you would like to change 3 grades and add 1 subject, the final price for this service would be 280 US Dollars, since the value of 3 changes (30) and to add a subject (50) is added to the base price (200).

■ If you have problems or doubts to calculate the price, just ask us and we will gladly give you a quote.

Point N. 2

If there are 2 (two) or more students who wish to request the service together, they will be charged 150 US Dollars each as a base price instead of 200.
a. This only applies when all students place the order together. Not separately.

Point N. 3

If you want to be an intermediary between us and another person, it is accepted, but our contract will be with the person who contacted us and requested the service, and despite being an intermediary, they will be responsible for fulfilling all the rules and to pay for the service, even if the other person refuses.

Point N. 4

The service is 100% effective and safe. There is no option to fail. We will not leave any trace. Nobody will ever notice or suspect anything.

Point N. 5

The time it takes us to invade the university system is 15 hours as maximum.
a. If you are in a hurry, you can hire the Urgent Service for an extra fee of 50 US Dollars and in this way the maximum time will be 7 hours.

Point N. 6

After invading the university system and database, we will proceed to make all the changes that you have requested and we will take a screenshot of your grades or academic record, where you can clearly see all the changes made according to your request.
Immediately after taking the screenshot, all changes made will be reversed, leaving your grades and history as they were originally, and we will send the image as a proof of our work.
After receiving this proof, you must make the payment, so that we finally make all the changes permanently. This will be done immediately upon receipt of your payment, in 30 minutes as maximum.

Point N. 7

The payment must be sent in a maximum of 24 hours after receiving the proof we have previously mentioned.
a. In case of delay, there will be a fine of 50 US Dollars.
b. We will not accept any kind of justification. If you are delayed even a single minute from the maximum time, you will have to pay the fine. No matter what the reason is, even if it is due to something beyond your responsibility. If we receive a delayed payment without including the fine, we will not deliver the order until have received the remaining.

Point N. 8

The only payment method we accept is Bitcoin.
a. If you don't know or have never used bitcoin, we have done a tutorial where we explain about it step-by-step. Just click here to read it.
b. There are no more payment methods. If there were, we would gladly tell you, but there simply are not. The insistence is annoying for us.
c. Anybody, regardless of age or country, can use bitcoin. It is not difficult to do it and even less when you have our tutorial in addition to a lot of information on the internet. However, if this is new for you, we highly recommend you to get bitcoins before placing the order to avoid delays with the payment.

Point N. 9

Since the moment you place an order, we will start to work on it immediately, and therefore, it is not possible to cancel or change it. If you still have doubts, do not place an order. Do it only when you are absolutely sure that you really want it. It is not possible to regret once the order is done, and you also can't argue that you have made a mistake. In any case, the problem will be yours, and you will have to pay anyway.

Point N. 10

If after reading this text, you still have doubts, feel free to ask any question you wish, but they must be asked before placing an order and not after. Once an order has been placed, it is supposed you have read and understood everything, therefore, we will not accept any question at that point in time.

Point N. 11

The Rules and Procedures are not neither flexible nor negotiable. As a customer, you can agree with them at all or reject them at all, but you can't change anything.
a. This is an informative message and you are not committed to anything, but if you place an order, you will have to fulfill all its spots, without justification in case if non-reading or misunderstanding.
b. There are no small letters or hidden rules with us. You know everything in advance. You know what is the price, the payment method, how long it will take, what will be the proof. You know everything. It is your responsibility and yours alone to ensure that you can fulfill and respect the entire process.
c. In case you break any of the rules on this contract, we reserve the right to take the actions we deem appropriate, including inform the university about the service, or posting your personal data on the internet. You will receive what you give. If you fulfill the contract, we will be your best ally. If you break it, we will be enemies.

How to place an order?

If you have read and understood the Rules and Procedures, and agree with them at all, and want to place an order, just send a message to our email address: [email protected] and send us all the following required information:

  1. Tell us that you have already read the Rules and Procedures at our website.
  2. The URL from where you access your student area to see your grades or academic report.
  3. Your username and password, or whatever is required to log in to your student area.
  4. Tell us with extreme precision and expressing yourself very clearly to avoid mistakes what exactly you want to do, what is/are the grade(s) you want to change; or what is/are the subject(s) you want to add or remove; or if you want to remove a debt. Whatever you want to do, explain it clearly.
  5. If you want a regular or an urgent service.

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