Bitcoins Recovery

Attention Below we explain how our service works. Read everything carefully and contact with us in case of any doubt, or if you do not understand some specific point, or in case you wish to hire this hacking service.

Rules and Procedures

Point N. 1

Our method to recover your bitcoins is based in a combination of 2 different type of attacks that are well known by the bitcoin community and there is a lot of documentation about them. These methods are: "Alternative History Attack" and "Majority Attack". We have also added them a few personal touches in order to improve their effectiveness and adapt them to our customer's needs.

We control directly or indirectly more than 6,000 nodes of the 'bitcoin distribution network' that you can see by clicking here, and we also have a large number of devices from people around the world infected with a mining app that gives us a great 'hash power'.

Explained in a simple way so that anyone can understand what it is without using so many technicalities, the "Alternative History Attack" consists, precisely, in generating an alternative history for those bitcoins. A story in which they were sent to another address under our control. This attack of alternative history, is achieved in conjunction with another type of attack called "Majority attack", for which is necessary to control more than 51% of the current bitcoin nodes, something we have achieved with great success. By controlling a large percentage of the nodes and having a large amount of 'hash power', we can have them all write the story we want for a particular transaction.

Point N. 2

This service is to recover bitcoins that have been stolen from your account or to reverse a transaction that you have sent by mistake.
In order to execute this service, we will need 2 things that are very important:

(2.1) The Private Key of your bitcoin account from which the bitcoins you want to recover were sent. Since it is necessary to know such a confidential information as the Private Key, it will not be possible to use this service to steal other accounts, but only to recover your own bitcoins from your own account from which you know the Private Key.

(2.2) An equal amount of bitcoins to the ones you want to recover, because as explained above, our method to recover them consist on creating an "alternative history" for which we need to have an equal amount of bitcoins available to generate a new similar story and then merge or confuse the previous one with this new one.

▌Private Key: We ask for the Private Key of the account from where the bitcoins were originally sent, since technically we need it to be able to execute our work. Without the Private Key, we can not do anything. We recommend that this Private Key has no funds. If there are, you should transfer them to another account and leave this one empty.

▌Equal amount of bitcoins: To create an "alternative story" we will need an amount equal to the bitcoins stolen or sent by mistake that you want to recover. For example, if you got stolen 0.6567 bitcoins, we will need exactly that same amount, no more or less. This is not a payment for our work, and you will not lose this money. At the end of the process, when the alternative history has been generated, you will recover the previous balance and you will also have this balance.

Point N. 3

The price to recover your bitcoins will depend on how many confirmations the transaction has, since the greater number of confirmations, the more resources we will have to use.

■ Less than 10 confirmations: 0.1 BTC
■ Between 11 and 99 confirmations: 0.2 BTC
■ Between 101 and 200 confirmations: 0.4 BTC
■ Between 201 and 300 confirmations: 0.6 BTC
■ Between 301 and 400 confirmations: 0.8 BTC
■ More than 400 confirmations: 1 BTC

The price of the service will be deducted from the recovered bitcoins. Once the work is done and the bitcoins are recovered, we will send them to the address that you tell us, subtracting, of course, the fee of our work.

Point N. 4

Our service is 100% effective and discreet. We have control enough over several nodes and such amount of 'hash power' to be able to affirm without any fear that there is no option to fail.

Point N. 5

The time it takes us to reverse the transaction and recover your bitcoins will depend on the congestion of the bitcoin network and the number of confirmations that the transaction has. In the best case, it will take less than a day (for recent transactions, with few confirmations), while in the worst case, it may can take up to a week (in the case of old transactions, with many confirmations). If you want to know a more accurate estimated time, ask us about your specific case and we will gladly tell you.

Point N. 6

Since our minimum price is 0.1 BTC, logically this service is not suitable for amounts less than this value, since the price of the service itself would be more than the bitcoins to be recovered.
a. It is not possible to reverse only a part or fraction of the value of a transaction. Our work technique requires us to reverse the transaction completely.

Point N. 7

Since the moment you place an order, we will start to work on it immediately, and therefore, it is not possible to cancel or change it. If you still have doubts, do not place an order. Do it only when you are absolutely sure that you really want it.

Point N. 8

If after reading all this text, you still have doubts, feel free to ask all questions you wish, but they must be asked before to place an order and not after. When placing an order, it's supposed you have read and understood everything, therefore, we will not accept any question at that point in time.

Point N. 9

The Rules and Procedures are not neither flexible nor negotiable. As a customer, you can agree with them at all or reject them at all, but you can't change anything.

How to place an order?

If you have read and understood the Rules and Procedures, and agree with them at all, and want to place an order, just send a message to our email address: [email protected] and send us all the following required information:

  1. Tell us that you have already read the Rules and Procedures at our website.
  2. The Transaction ID of the transaction you want to reverse.
  3. The Private Key of the source account from which the bitcoins you want to recover were sent.
  4. The bitcoin address where you want to receive your bitcoins once recovered, discounting from them our fees.
  5. You will have to send us an amount of bitcoins equal to the ones you want to recover in order to generate the "alternative story". These bitcoins will be returned to you at the end of the process to the same address where we will send the recovered bitcoins. You can ask us for our address and send them directly there or you can also generate a paper wallet, send the bitcoins there, and then send us the Private Key of that account.

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