Search Engines

Attention Below we explain how our service works. Read everything carefully and contact with us in case of any doubt, or if you do not understand some specific point, or in case you wish to hire this hacking service.

Rules and Procedures

Point N. 1

The service has a base price of 250 US Dollars per each search engine on which to work. A search engine is for example: Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
This is the price we charge for the work of invading the search engine indexing system. To this price you must add the value of what you want to do according to the list below:

• Remove a specific result - 10 US Dollars each one.
• Remove an entire website - 100 US Dollars per website.
• Remove all results for a specific search - 50 US Dollars per each.
• Change the position of a result - 25 US Dollars each one.

Point N. 2

We will delay from 6 to 24 hours to invade the system, depending of the queued orders before yours and its complexity.
a. There is available an Urgent Service with an extra cost of 50 dollars. It will grant you priority over other orders and reduce the waiting time to the half.

Point N. 3

Effectiveness is 100%. There is no option to fail. The changes will be permanent. We will not leave any trace.

Point N. 4

Once we have invaded the indexing system, we will give you a proof in order to certify our service, which is a video in which you can see our complete screen in HQ and we will show you how we access into the search engine's website and do a search for the required entry.
You will see that the results will be the same that currently, but then we will open our console, execute a line command, refresh the website, and all the changes requested by you will have been made.
Then we will execute another command, and all the changes will be reversed, remaining as currently.

Point N. 5

The payment must be sent in a maximum of 24 hours after receiving the proof we have previously mentioned.
a. In case of delay, there will be a fine of 50 US Dollars.
b. We will not accept any kind of justification. If you are delayed even a single minute from the maximum time, you will have to pay the fine. No matter what the reason is, even if it is due to something beyond your responsibility. If we receive a delayed payment without including the fine, we will not deliver the order until have received the remaining.

Point N. 6

The only payment method we accept is Bitcoin.
a. If you don't know or have never used bitcoin, we have done a tutorial where we explain about it step-by-step. Just click here to read it.
b. There are no more payment methods. If there were, we would gladly tell you, but there simply are not. The insistence is annoying for us.
c. Anybody, regardless of age or country, can use bitcoin. It is not difficult to do it and even less when you have our tutorial in addition to a lot of information on the internet. However, if this is new for you, we highly recommend you to get bitcoins before placing the order to avoid delays with the payment.

Point N. 7

If you want to be an intermediary between us and another person, it is accepted, but our contract will be with the person who contacted us and requested the service, and despite being an intermediary, they will be responsible for fulfilling all the rules and to pay for the service, even if the other person refuses.

Point N. 8

Once you place an order, we don't accept any modification or cancellation. If you are not sure about our service, DO NOT order anything yet.

Point N. 9

Our Rules and Procedures are not flexible. If you want to place an order with us, you must accept all without modify, add, or remove anything.
a. Remember that you are not committed with us yet, but if you place an order, we will have a contract, and you must fulfill it mandatorily.
b. Not to read or misunderstand the rules is not justification for not fulfill them.

How to place an order?

If you have read and understood the Rules and Procedures, and agree with them at all, and want to place an order, just send a message to our email address: [email protected] and send us all the following required information:

  1. Tell us that you have already read the Rules and Procedures at our website.
  2. What is/are the search engine(s) where you want to work on.
  3. Explain us in detail what do you want to do. If you want to remove a specific result, or an entire website, or all results for a particular search, or change the position of a result.
  4. If you want a regular or an urgent service. Remember that urgent services have an additional fee.

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